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The female secretary is in fact one of Mo Lao Wu's Pin heads, dare the Nu not dare to talk, heart way:"Five elder brothers' guests also have so unbridled of, let him under etc. the whole dead you."
Arrive at office, sees inside spacious brightness, repair magnificent and has if France was palatial, the expert painting hanged a full wall, a fatty sits after office desk and all sink a sofa all over inside."Mo Zong invited your person to come."The female secretary says.
Mo Lao Wu flurried starts to mutually face:"The oh, the little soldier, can want to die me.The Jia enjoyed last time of casino you played what pattern, such a don't utter of run, really not enough meaning."
The female secretary turns pale:Five elder brothers when to person so did enthusiasm lead?See to this person's position not small, endure, hence know an interest of poured two mark coffees and withdrew a door for them.
"This how many days of situation how?"Liao learns soldier the return browse and picked up that enamel vase to be full of praise and grasp this pure gold to carve Ze Ze to connect a voice in the office, like entered maternal grandmother Liu of great view park, the eyeful saw not exert of surprise.
"The nothing important makes progress very smoothly, we follow your promise and put Long Er, however his vitality greatly harms, have no 35 years resume not to come over, Be no longer energetic and daring ground at the beginning Long Wang Ye, there is also old shell, drive you hurriedly push last the position of chairman's agent is busy in drawing together subordinate and restructure a Yu orchid basin meeting custom, upper level meeting connect I, already the alliance is 4 people, also have 37 people of bottom layer meeting to also mean loyal to, the first step owns to living the real strenght that the tide matches with Cao, mama of, I really not understand why do you want to pass Long Er."
Old Liao pickeds up a naked female of a fine ancient Greece bronze to carve left see right to see, up see the bottom seeing and saying:"When the reality becomes and the game is just about of time, you will feel to can do everything a dissimilarity, the modern era has been already come."
"Is all right, I know that you always like past make profound."
"Today come especially the idea want you to do some help, this how many days have you ever seen rich who been called evened Shuo of summer?"Liao learns a soldier not to want to pull more and turns the words into a positive.
Mo Lao Wu makes a special trip to ask of the person definitely have an important matter, daily record turn over to see write closely, don't find out, then make a phone call to inquire a secretary, female secretary Chien slightly said 2 people ground meeting process, Mo Lao Wu's time thinks of and says with smile:"Was to have so an individual to come to once seek the day before yesterday, on Saturday afternoon, very rich, was a nouveau riche, wanted to invest our company and matched with the step of the Xiang of shell a life time for these several days, the indentation of money more and more big, so especially opinion he, also have meal, persuaded him."
"Ha ha, having never thought the underworld eldest brother will be also so moderate."
In fact those are the threats of Mo Lao Wu to add to lure by money offers, he before decade be take charge of west the somebody of the city, also calculate upper-class society one of the representatives, power and money aren't a concept, summer however father summer the even Shuo admire very to him and almost say what listen to what.
"What the matter keep saying and chopped that surname summer?"
"You and attach an ear to come over."
Gave an account some affair details, in the office take one each and every item the elegant art object doesn't want to put it away, and then pull out a telephone give pass Mu cloud, let him think a way to let 3 investigate member of team to do a perjury, immediately after seek shell a life time Xiang arrangement under charge of the intelligence report visit China regiment survey Chiu big strange family circumstance.
Knowing both your opponent and yourself then can be ever victorious, Chiu is big strange is a not through spread a ground of small potato, the shell sea didn't support too in detail concerning him in group 8 anticipate, however restly already enough.
The Chiu big strange wife knows that the book reaches a reason and assists husband and brings up children, industry and thrift run a household, work hard in spite of criticism, is that he was the last Xun to lead a director to beat solid backing, however after business is small, the biggest problem came, wife year old past her prime, Chiu is big strange to more see more feel vexed to Huang Lian Pos, secretly moved crooked ideas to text member Ms. Zhao Li Ge in the school, although 2 people didn't do a芶 and of matter, usually the eyebrow comes to eye to go, the speech hands over to climb and occasionally still invites to go home to visit, his wife pretty much suspects,

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