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can meeting feel the throat is bitter be like make fire being burning, in the brain what the matters all disappeared and left the only a painful word and rolled to pour in the ground and rushed toward Teng and covered with dust and withered leaf and killed a pig sort the Rang call, the full face leaks out closely bean big of sweat bead, after being stained with dust dye a face beard Shao in the flower.
He Yuan often says that he or she is to frighten the big, but those "frighten" with others however is just quarreling of blaming of beating and scolding of parents, teacher, classmate, this time and really be frightenned, the thirsty tongue is dry, the skin of head is a burst of telephone becoming numb, silently touching a reports to the police and just still fears that Ms. Du reports to the police, now already the polices of very anxious to whole citieses all surround here:"Feed, feed, is a police station?I, I kill people here ……!"
"The Sir pleases to be excited and please a location of speaking the murder case in detail, will we start out police force right away and feed?"A moderate and boring female voice, can the meeting keep on to continuously bellow to pass electric wave transmission in the past, she felt that that should try to isn't leg-pull, most the actor of genius isn't likely to send out so plaintive and piercing cries, circumstances severity, press a button right away, pass to position system to check to seek a cellular phone number current location.
Liao learns a soldier in a flash of hand Duo to conduct electricity words and toward a words tube to say:"Is a male bureau in lake?Please seek sherriff Chen, I make Liao learn a soldier and seek him to occupy."
The telephone of police-woman is taken away, spread a not that serious voice:"The eldest brother is me, cockfight, have what need to be helped?"
"Cross-eye?What aren't you in the Vinaceous Rosefinch street, run road stem in a lake?"Old Liao is obvious a foolish.
The cross-eye says very satisfiedly:"Eldest brother you haven't to know, circle road branch office in the lake because want to undertake and many heavy responsibilities of student's exchanges, arrange a lot of gentlenesses and then at patience of police-woman, I now be come ……you, understand?"
"Mama of, just because I am fixing a guy, arouse audience orientation not, you regard as fun, cancel drop."
", Good, nothing important matter?The eldest brother fairy blessing always enjoys, eldest brother life and sky are together ……"
Liao learns a soldier to throw a telephone to return to He Yuan, the mouth of Pie Pie:"Beside looking at, I teach you how to be a qualified bad person."
He Yuan is shocked, can not move, the brothers is ice-cold:"How, hit persons to there is also reason, did the police also ignore?What morals of the world?Is "the another calls the Yuan hat hero's boy similar to frighten want to die, " teacher Liao the homicide that enters school school?"
Once treated in a short while, can however of the acute pain gradually recover, the whole personal debility feebly lies on the ground and grasps to begin an Ai to yell, full head big sweat, bite the gum of too tight maxillary joint leak out a thrombus, the facial expression is delicate and touching, like the young girl that is led a big rice by ten strong rounds.
"He Yuan, you help me to pick his pants down for a while!"Old Liao says.
This time He Yuan real noodles such as soil color, the teacher incredibly doesn't even pass males, is he still a person?Old Liao immediately after takes out woodpecker to say:"Intent to rape women, first Yan."
Will play to shoot the ground start to play.The artistic skill may compare the most vivid ape and act clean and neat, in no case drag along mire to take water, shout loudly a ground of voice:"Help!"Stir a leg to run.
Liao learns a soldier to stretch once the feet hang up, he flurried medium have no any take precautions against, body balance again bad, the Fu noodles falls down in the strong and tough cement ground, a pole typical model ground dog chews excrement posture, sobs to touch toward mouth and takes out 2 to break a tooth.
Although He Yuan calculates up is his accomplice, formerly can however play the time of rascal carry on arrestment, can also call the last conscience still saves, being can build it just, Liao learns a soldier and then says with smile:"Did you say that teacher Huang's catching you to steal ladies room is what is the row?"
He Yuan Yi thinks anyway the board of directors has been already known.The notices were all sent down and led not much a day then will the whole school all know, don't dare to conceal, the low voice says:"Anyway is to that matter very dream, have never seen true before of, specially really took a look, the fourth floor there is an exhaust window outside the ladies room ……" exhaust window opened toward in addition to building,

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