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but because our revenge suddenly and violently tooth Huang of does the method descend to make too much?"
"Give you the method of solution, I didn't pursue, a, tomorrow sincerely apologize to Ms. Du, beg her understanding, two, just and upright's beating suddenly and violently a tooth is yellow and attain these two uncle matter I think a way to let board of directors not punish you, also not outward announce."
Three depressed boys are immediately pleasantly surprised:"Really?"
", Almost forgot Article 3 to request, you how many yins the stick definitely often do this matter and tell me to still have to peep a female to take a shower building, female the secret passage of the locker room?"
3 people almost and extremely pour, will touch take a breaking of blood tooth, could not living what annoy, the head of Nao Nao says with smile:"The last term was originally a male what locker room dug a hole to peep, which knew that the cupboard holds up, what didn't see.Teacher, my home has a lot of that kind of cartoon and movie, you want don't ?"
Temporarily clap everyone horse and fight to be first, slip away beard to only and perhaps fall behind, He Yuan Qiang say:"That calculates what, I still have several girls who is actually ten to clap our school of the dews bottom walk light the photograph is greatly whole, teacher, I tomorrow go fetch to show filial obedience you."
Old Liao's exultation:"Still have what good goods, all hand in, seek the business of exchanges absolution punishment of board of directors to wrap on me!"
The Yuan hat hero is getting more hasty:"I still have a heap of grows specially good-looking naked chat a female of the MSN number is all free and voluntary!"
Liao's learning a soldier is rolling on the floor laughing, saliva almost the run off came:"Like to send well and all to, anyway you are young also needless, that so, tomorrow find out a tooth Huang Hen Zou tell suddenly and violently his man is to so be."
"This ……he wants to tell a top, aren't we just similar to get batch?"
"Beat him not to dare to say, in addition to this, I don't hope to see you being any to otherly disobey Ji's phenomenon again."
The station starts and walks and thought a to think and threw will be several hundreds of for to say:"Go to Vinaceous Rosefinch street and see, there is India three clinic charges are very cheap."
Return to the absolute being of month big manor, the color of the sky already very late, the villa hall provokes to anger bright.
Got again small and blue fall a Xun to scold:"Return be not appropriate here is your house?The wave concusses at school a to run up the over lesson everywhere all day long must not see person, also not say with me is clap a drama!"Falling off is a《 rouge river the amusement together publish 》, the cousin commits incest of the topic is very refreshing in the top.
Old Liao settles once the Jing see, cold sweat such as the Lu mountain waterfalls fly to flow to keep next, proper just educate students of power and prestige all gone, shrink head not to dare to talk too much, soft-voiced way of Du Nong:"That …… that is to act in a play a demand ……"
"Does the performance still kiss?Be getting more beyond the limit, must be close?Hum, affirmation is a Mu to permit ice rain that Sao fox to seduce you."The Mu permits blue fall to vent to complete, suddenly embrace his waist to say:"Teacher, if you really want to really want to kiss, that close I!"
Say, shut eyes, the Du rises colorful, Wen Run, like the lips of flower petal, grow a very black eyelash tiny vibrate, imitate spring that the Buddha expects many dreams, young girl of face up open two flowers of awkward and shy powder colors.
This is the world to have the facial appearance of luring the dint most , would be sage station all will be rational to collapse at her in frontses and prostrate un worship.
Liao learns a soldier brain moment blank, will permit the male girl friend engagement whole amount of ice rain with Mu to throw but brain after, the ear seems to ring out a words at this time, the smile way of Smith madam:"Since today, you were a teacher."He suddenly once came to absolute being and permitted in the Mu blue fall of clean forehead up kissed to say for a while:"The good little boy don't think the affair slanting, I and the Mu permit ice rain basically be not you imagine of so."
The Mu permits blue fall tiny some disappointment, again a bit dark pleased, this recruits to try a teacher on the whole is really treat he or she like.The reason is a lot of, you keep on aring not close, explain to cherish oneself, he clapped a drama also and had very for a while, but never take Mu and permit ice rain and go home, elucidation not concerned that woman, , is to don't think greatly of at least, have the quite a few the girl and like him in class, but strict know one's place, be free from temptation, this how many can not also explain a problem.

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