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teacher Liao makes you go to fountain, and he occupies to seek you."Close Mu cloud to receive criticizing of old Liao to show, far far called 1.
Pan's sea become slowly station rise:"Hum, want to educate me or want to humiliate me?"One speech not hair dynasty the down stairs walk.
Old Liao just under the fountain stand for flowerpots and steal 3 people the team meet to talk and have in hand a morning sherriff Chen delivers of relevant Pan's sea become of detailed data.
3 people didn't forget commitment, can however took a yellow CD of a few pirate editions, the air ghost ghost Chong Chong, with overpass next the Dou gather Huang Die's middle age women just about.He Yuan's armpit clips a notebook, in notebook have ten many and carefully chosen the appearance is clear, angle special of photograph.
The board of directors ground person hasn't come yet a school and accepted to bribe first.
See or so had no others, took out photograph of reviewing, the basic nothing important sees a head, the technique of photographing of He Yuan is very bad, not a knee in lens is a small of the back, fair, unique a have already collected worthy is a girl of beautiful leg, specially familiar looking, incredibly is D quiet of.
"Like, don't talk this first, suddenly and violently the tooth is yellow that kind of the teacher beat and then beat, also the nothing important is fantastic, E?Don't you dare?That how dare you start to Ms. Du?"
"E, she is a woman, so isn't that frightened."
"Mama of, is really funny, you were regarded as soft afraid hard generation of deceit.So.Play a trick, let him accept to break the word the punishment of leaving the righteousness."
He Yuan pondered a burst of say:"In fact Ms. Du makes tooth Huang jump a claim and then frivoled too much, so I must think a way to make Ms. Du see through his true character which, not equal to, pretend to be his name to write a love letter for Ms. Jiang of Yan?"
Can however just wanted to shout bravo, the Yuan hat hero quickly pulled him soft-voiced way:"Feed, don't you know that teacher Liao is pursuing the Yan of the friendship of beautiful and generous and dignified Shu Ms. Jiang?"
Laughter Ga however.He Yuan thinks that oneself gives offense to old Liao, immediately the atmosphere don't also breathe heavily.
Old Liao Nu way:"Who say that I pursue Yan a river?Didn't you see yesterday's amusement weekly magazine and contrast, I the chooses who still not clear?"
He Yuan immediately realizes mistake:"Yan Ms. Jiang is the dissemination of the gossip and the dispersal of the rumor, I think this affirmation is she toward teacher Liao pay address not to become bosom to hate in the heart just is this inadvisable plan, calculate, don't talk this, we immediately after plan suddenly and violently a tooth Huang of scandal."
Several people whisper and negotiate to complete, Pan's sea becomes to coldly stand in front of them and not smooth asks:"Liao learns a soldier and seek me what matter?"
"Do not be nervous ……E, don't think to hide knife to be getting more fierce, I want to discuss with you well."Old Liao makes him relax as far as possible:"The Buddhism contains cloud, since grows bad because of, have to a consequence.You call in the harbor high school the king overlord among states and definitely did a lot of wonderful important events, which know to arrive at a new school, than your severe person many decuple, originally that kind of is overbearing domineering to go not ability."
Pan's sea became to hum 1.
"Whether feel to be discommoded, want to make reprisals?Whether seem the owners all is seeking you to bother, don't give them the precept for ordering blood can not?"
Pan's sea becomes although thinking what he said is quite good, that the interrogation type tone for occupying vantage pointing can not make people accept, hence the Yang head visits a sky and consider as what didn't hear, since don't deny also denying.
"Hide knife in bag is intend to wait next have who speak to you not lousy then to he to ascend several bottoms, rightness?Also include me among them, or is the pass Mu that beat you yesterday cloud?"
Pan's sea's becoming is seen through worry, sneer way:"You say right, who dare to ask for me, I make him good-looking."
Liao learns a soldier and discovers that this boy and ten several oneselfs of year agos contain inching likeness, how cruel the Dou is brave to have put together, certainly vehemence up differ too far, and this boy represents of is not a justice either, but an already private hatred."Pan's sea becomes, I see the hall that you be like a wretchedness insect, fight with windmill and Ji He virtuous, and your life has already failed."
"What?"Pan's sea became tightly the knife in the hand, call way:"Do you have a kind to say 1 time again?"
Can meeting 3 people are shockingly opposite:See arrive a so unrestrained new transfer for the first time, together word, cow, and a word, force!
Liao learns a soldier to draw a knife blade thin grow sharp woodpecker to say:"You are a weak in character person, person don't dare to face reality,

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