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Su ice cloud lifted to hope his one eye, is like a have nothing at all to see, re- lower the head to see Mo always Tai to challenge gather together nearerly toward Su ice cloud.Saw to 2 people's relation ratio approach to allow me before, after all and at the beginning Su ice cloud was willing to enchant an island with him together also not only is Mo always single Yang Si of the Tai is just.
Stay to invite humiliation here?Old Liao isn't a stupid person, return to office.Anne purely and purely has already kept good feet to sprain to come to have a class.Still especially the idea goes to him and thanks.
Liao learns a soldier to lend a people check wound, and then take advantage of an opportunity to touch several minutes her delicate white small feet.A purely pure in the mind simplicity to Anne cheats so much, two then old Liaos pack that kind of the vehemence of the sad nature and man don't is a cover, if isn't that there are still others in office, perhaps his thighses be all touching.
The noon gets off work and sees the Xiao Dan delivering lunch box and enjoying a beautiful meal.He has already forbidden Mu to permit blue fall to cook a meal for he, otherwise that dogs' all shaking head a ground of food to eat will kill a person, small and blue now fall every day and go home will go straight to kitchen study to give.With expect one day can get a teacher of approbation.
Ascend in a short while net, Mo just five telephones came:"Little soldier, Ms. Alice will after 15 minutes arrive medium sea blue cloud airport.The Tai always also doesn't know this matter, I sent assistant, Zhu Xiang, past.He knows Ms. Alice.Waited your helped to think that lends a people explanation always Tai why don't receive reason.Remember, must facilitate this matter, if hereafter give birth to a son.I make him recognize you to consider as to do Ye."
The Yi is his grandson's dry grandpa, is always also Mo dry father of Tai, this idea is quite good.
Old Liao great way:Is old five, you lived half generation son, today most Huo Zhi."
All of blue cloud airport area nearbies are snake regiments ground site, a person's occupying here pit to receive to abduct, take captive to burn to kill and doing all sorts of evil, and particularly starting to the guest of other parts of country and seriously corrupting the fame of medium sea , after rattlesnake to leaf small white loyal to, has already refrained from rash action a lot and accidentally have to piecemeal beat to make, already the people can't result in great influence.Blue cloud public order also got many advantages without basis, above Kua their public order contains square and fights crime regiment to spare no effort, the cash award delivered a lot, and the bureau chief returned to do a few reports in other district ground police stations.
Old Liao just stopped good car, then a strong man walks to knock his window:Sir, this public order that takes isn't so good, if you can pay 50 more dollar public order fee, my guarantee absolutely can't someone harass you.
Your car, all of persons are absolutely safe."
"H'm, how just some little say?"Originally snake regiment ground criminal offence drive after small white forbid, leaf's rattlesnake so idea to increase heart to go into.
The "Sir, " strong man is still very polite, but the haft between the waists betrayed his identity:"I emphasize again once, blue cloud airport ground public order is very what a mess, if you don't think the car are broken, or is stolen purse wealth and properties in person's many places, I suggest that you adopt my opinion.The "he even carried the red chevron of carrying the left arm and up wrote" blue cloud airport public order manages to help a member."
"If I were stolen things, situation would rob blackmail, how does that calculate again?"
"It is impossible."The strong man shakes head very determinedly:"If occurrence so of ask question, we will send back the public security fee of decuple to you."
"Yi!You see!"Liao learns soldier's distance, the person of a rat head rat brain stretches to sit on the chair to nap of person, " has that already handed over a public order fee?"
The strong man is wrinkly eyebrows, took out an etc. to record an origin to turn over to turn over in the bosom:", This person handed over a public order fee.Leg 甀 , you go to and kick out that guy, don't make him trouble a guest."Hence someone flees from the behind right away, come forward to hold tight that petty thief to kick out.
This pouring is a good way for producing wealth, the regrettable expenses accepts too costly, if decline to the reasonable stage of 10 dollars, 5 dollars, that is also quite good.Not the Liao guest touched 50 dollars throwing to him:"Keep the change."
Run into Zhu Xiang in the departure lounge, he still takes 100 attendants and show that receiving specification is the highest.

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