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the airport outside stops several 10 to connect to send vehicle and pack baggage one by one up."The public order helps a member" sees Liao learn a soldier unexpectedly and the person of thousand agreeable Jia companies mix together, immediately must almost urinate and want up return money, but how don't dare to close to as well, only secretly praying that don't dispute these 50 pieces too much.
The most anterior guest benefit on Alice, Zhu Xiang and Liaos learn a that the soldier follows behind.
Zhu Xiang takes out handkerchief to wipe perspiration:"Mr. Liao, you whether want to intend to have fun to die me, I hear the Tai childe fancies a female teacher of school and impossibly go home to hold to do for the sake of Alice what party, let him do cake, kill he returns hurry."
Liao learns a soldier to say with smile:"Believe I right, I this matchmaker was to be to settle.Arrive Mo Jia later you arrange her 1 line first to take a rest in the another villa for an afternoon, to, old five have how many villas"?
"Is 13, all in the west city jade sub- lake front.Do five Yes like 13 this numbers?"
Old Liao is taking out a telephone to call Li Yu:"Hey, my dear medium elder brother, the lesson of section 1 is an athletics lesson in the afternoon, you complete satisfactorily a matter for me and cut class in the morning of matter I don't pursue."
"What matter?Though you order, chop down person?Which son-of-a-bitch ask for your teacher Liao not comfortable and happy?"
"The athletics is always all Mo Tai, you help me whole must lose all consciousness him."
"Like well, all right.Though trust!"Loudly promise in Li Yu, let go of a telephone, but the full chamber sorrow thinks.Mo the Tai body is always strong, still an athletics great ability, carelessly 35 people aren't opponents, you doesn't this want me to walk into death?
His nap didn't sleep as well, turned over a body to start to climb and found out to close Mu cloud and receive the soldier amount of company.Close Mo Yun to shake head:"Last time the gymnasium was whole after teacher Mo was a , I a close to him very vigilance, or change a way of thinking of well."
"Let the girl help.He has no wariness.To.Seek Mu to permit, only on saying to is the matter that teacher Liao orders, the Mu permits a the first blunt fore head, "the affair early should not be late, right away book volume girl's dormitory of, convene a meeting of small scaled video frequency.
Clock 101 hear, the with all speed degree changed set upscale western dress and combed a bright oil big back head and took one face from think that the most handsome smiling face station is silly smile before shooting and being like a head.Liu Jing of D in the lens, who shows in computer screen,'s disliking don't appear.Anti- is a burst of Nu that pays a Su to fly Hong in amplifier scolds:"The clock Bai dies a little bit far!The pimple hasn't pushed on ground of face clean, dare to show to put in the old Niang in front."
It coughs 1 in Li Zhu:"Each sisters, today this news you are probably uninterested, we want to kill Mo to be all yes imposing.If which would not like to be able to withdraw."
Indeed as expected and as expected, the girls shout in succession:"You want to beat teacher Mo's idea and live Be getting more impatient?"
The clock Bai hurriedly pretends not involveds:"It is what they say in Li Yu.Don't close my business."
Su flew Hong Xia clamoring of the girls, say with smile:"Why want to deal with teacher Mo, must have a reason, ascend athletics lesson each time he take a lot of foods for us, so good teacher, ha ha, if have no reason, we will not make moves."
Have to in Li Yu true state of matter dead to mutually tell:"It is teacher Liao to make us do so ground."
Then the girl calls a way:", Teacher Liao, he why see teacher Mo with a revolting feeling, might it not be he envies Ji teacher Mo is long too handsome"?
The Mu permits blue fall a Duo to lead words of tube:"In Li Yu, your honesty gives an account, being not what teacher once ordered."
"Yes, he just made a phone call to mine, you saw, converse still at top."Say in Li Yu, make moves to the bright camera head machine.
"That you say how to do."The Mu permits blue sprinkle a girl who kick out a few spoonies:"Doing not want to take part in doesn't be blind to mix at here, who also to Mo the Tai always tell airtight don't blame me."
Su flies Hong to say with smile:"Ha ha, my doesn't matter, do and then do, challenge Gao difficulty also very interesting."
This just regular facial expression says in Li Yu:"Teacher Mo guards against our male very much first of, your girl went to him nothing important wariness."
"Like, call panda quiet to come over."
Along with athletics teacher's Mo always Tai a Shao ring, two years two classes of student bodies start dragging and pulling of run on the drill ground, "keep a brigade form, speed up!Didn't you have lunch?"
The clock Bai is small to lead a report to whisper:"He still thinks that is he a military instructor,

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