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Since know ability not is enemy, that can recruit Na.Hope their all not- ungrateful person, some other day can while standing firm a heel, what type can't contend for ground too malicious.
After proper business finishes talking, 3 people toast to drink to heart's content.He Hong is romantic to become sex, the thing in the couples cup is also very to love dearly.Met with again just leaf autumn this thousand cups don't inebriate a ground of big butt and be regarded as ensign to meet opponent.
He Hong maneuvers a wine field for several years, haven't run into can with oneself a compare the young man of capacity for liquor.2 people drank up two bottles of Maos in a row set Gong wine after, the leaf autumn unexpectedly still has no slightly drunk.This aroused He Hong of contest of heart, 2 people are cannikins first, then is medium cup, the end is big bowl of.The wine bottle put 1 table, but 2 people aren't willing to admit defeat.
The west door sees ground secretly shocking to the east, this capacity for liquor also too Xuan.He three cup white spirit bottom belly already giddy dimmed eyesight, if not that these two alcoholic Hans of flank fight of the vehemence wake up with a start his tipsy, afraid early now lie prone to the wine table up asleep.
Ye Qiu feels that he or she performed about and set up for unbearablely appearance to flop down on the table.Annoy nerveless put to put a hand, the meaning was oneself to drink again.
He Hong finally lets go of heart, shoulder blush up to the ears ground to hug a leaf for autumn, say:"Brothers, good capacity for liquor.I was a lot of years of don't drink so to heart's content.Next time-----Our brothers continues to drink next time."
He also quickly carry on the shoulder not live, just because of a strength head for refusing to concede defeat son in heart just hard
At.The capacity for liquor of leaf autumn conquered him, the leaf suddenly admitting defeat of the autumn let feeling again.So, looking at in front, this young man is also more and more easy on the eyes.The in the mind is malicious to allow the supply to the little daughter whom four wives of oneself give birth to he.
Just need a leaf to wait for several more years for autumns, because his little daughter is just 8 years old now.
West door to east in distress situation, these 2 people are suddenly very intimate, oneself isn't that the without cause ground is low one generation?
He Hong was handed by his bodyguard to walk, the west door sent them to the back of doorway in the hotel toward the east, time again turn back, saw arrive just still lying paralyzed by drink to shout along whiles on the table don't respond of leaf the autumn be at the right moment carried ground to sit where drink tea.
"You-have no matter son?"West door toward the east stare big eyes ask a way.He but saw with own eyes a leaf to drink so many white spirits for autumn.The Mao set Gong wine of more than 50 degrees, a bowl of bowl keeps on infusing, if other people, afraid early dead drunk past.
"Have no matter son."The autumn of the leaf smiled to shake to shake head."The affair has already become settled situation.Wait until what uncle apply for down business license for us, we then and associately establish a Bo colourful company."
The west door ordered to nod to the east and said:"I have already made people once am budget, casino of ex- expect to invest to about need 1,000,000,000 Hong Kong dollars.I is six hundred million, leaf the little is four hundred million, we associately join from partnership and establish a synthetic Bo colourful group.These ten hundred million uses include the establishment of the construction and luck camp, kit hotel and business system of casino, and Macau tour waits three big pieces, you I each 50% of shares that have casino.Don't know that being a leaf like this is little whether be satisfied with?"
The autumn of the leaf ordered to nod, west door to east still good at handle affairs.Although oneself at clean up Wei to give household in may occupy predominant position, , at after the construction expecting carry a camp but want from west household in the door to predominate.
And, the casino succeeded, can make money to still need to see have a customer.At person vein, oneself is also far and not nearly west person's vein of household in the door several years backlog is deep.The west door takes 6 from the east hundred million to come out, oneself needs to be four hundred million then can acquire 50% of ownership of a shares, also because west the door on purpose try to please himself/herself to the east.
Ye Qiu knows that he of so put so the trying to please of low profile himself/herself, is have already after death stood from oneself Lin Jia.

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