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The leaf autumn Song shrugs shoulders and says very natural and unrestrainedly"young lady, probably we really have never seen at."
But I think, we definitely pass words.
"It is impossible."The Yi rattan fumes sneer."Even if pass words how again?In some social intercourse situations.I will chat with many people.Is this the reason that you intercept me?There of fire is just prosperous.I still have an employee to receive to frighten and need to send to the hospital cure.If I complain to the local medium and say a China army person the cold blood is heartless, meet danger at the personage of allied country BE, not only don't give helping hand, on the contrary and in every possible way obstruct our to flee for life."
The rattan that the autumn of the leaf is cold to see Yi is smoked, squint Jing sneer:"So.I say a person to come out, your affirmation isn't unfamiliar."
"Who.?"The Yi rattan is smoked to ask a way.
"Anne's iron."Eyes of leaf autumn naked flicker, a blink don't blink of stare at the Yi rattan fumes of eyes.

Volume 3 starts to stand back to be person's chapter 615 not to beat a chemisette man
"It is incognizant."The Yi rattan is smoked to pull a long face to say.
In the heart but is sorrow to fill the air, seeing to today was to be fraught with grim possibilities.He has already known himself/herself.
Do own camouflage use to all have no at 1:00 to him?
"BE?"The autumn of the leaf sneers at.From the pocket in touch a photograph throwing in the past and saying:"I feel that the woman of my noodles grows with you some likenesseses.Do you think?"
The Yi rattan is smoked to once connect photograph, under the bright light, he can know of see the appearance of paper quality material.
It is the scene that oneself accompanies thousand leaf Xuns to get into maple leaf club building of office on the photograph, don't know that what outlet they are to pass to get these photographs.
See to return to really despise a China country of especially work, originally still think can dark degree Chen Cang, but while just arriving at Shenzhen be discovered by them.
Silently have no voice interest of, the Yi rattan fumes of a hand stretch at behind beat two signals, let his companions work well to mount sudden attack preparation.
See a leaf take out photograph for autumn, Wang Jian Han this just suddenly realize.
All combats constitute the member is before acting cautiously once recognized a few main targets in the photograph.Probably is an opposite sex the disposition mutually absorbing make however, to with the only E in the target crowd female person Yi the rattan is smoked, everybody will have a liking for several more eyes.
Press the truth to speak, Wang Jian Han once saw a Yi rattan smoked as well, should be very easy and then can give° her to recognize just right.
But, at the beginning fume to wear in the Yi rattan on the photograph black fur-lined jacket skin trousers, long hair shawl, beat strong eye shadow and the lipstick of the red, it is a lightning flash girl to look like.But the Yi rattan in nowadays is smoked but pure light thin, wear generous of Japan kimono, the appearance is very pure and delicate.
Is as if not the same person before or after, this is also the murderer at at present, but Wang Jian Han almost passes her reason.
", I recognized out.Originally you are that black dress woman-Hey's Hey, is still that the captain have research to the woman, I almost released them."Wang Jian Han points at a Yi rattan smoked loudly say.The look in the eyes lookinging at a leaf for autumn from the heartly admires.
He didn't understand, oneself at the beginning blocked these chemisette time, leaf autumn basically not at front of.He is these people how can anyone know are target persons?
"I don't know who what you said is."The Yi rattan fumes hard of keep shocked.He is worried about these people still in the Zha she.
"Frequently for your challenge and to come to R.O.C to invest businessman of extremely don't respect, I keep the right for pursuing for.I still occupied and had no a necessity to accompany you here.If you insist on and obstruct, we can be as allied as the staff member of embassy, fasten."
Be saying and stretching hand to want an inferiority to pass to a cellular phone.She wants to be in person and the staff member of embassy allied, fasten, send from them person to connect they to walk.
"Can be so.There are no other better way leis.Let the embassy make contact with with them.There is way solution they's predicament in their head quarter of."The Yi rattan smoked in the mind inwardly thoughts of.
"All all together have.Prepare."The autumn of the leaf suddenly and loudly shouts a way.

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