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"This is just 1:00, more important, green mountain, your troops of five long, all acquainted with and led person's horse with the non-commissioned officers, nature more proficient, you let now two five long change with each other, affirmation will include some not orientation."
The white Qis all govern a serious way:"This affair, I can not help you."
Knee green mountain eyebrows a wrinkly.
This kind of set of words this white Qi unexpectedly talked military discipline with him, , lived the person but speech of two generation sons to the knee green mountain, the root was useless.
"All all adult, this is only a small matter, transpose for a while five long, I believe my cousin and my troops that five long, will soon acquaint with new under charge, to I black A soldier military power didn't the slightest influence and all governed adult, you help busy for a while."The knee green mountain says with a smile, " I knee green mountain, will remember all favor of governing the adult."
White Qi all govern but is a dissatisfied way:"Green mountain, be not I say you, you although two brotherses not at a 100 people brigade in, can remain together at the black A soldier in, can meet every day, why on earth want to allow your cousin to arrive your troops an inside?This kind of affair, I can not promise!And, you must also take care of your temperament, we are black A soldiers, be not what a hideous mess gang, not ability what affairs all with oneself's intention!"
The knee green mountain heart bottom is some disaffection.
This white Qi, a 'is a black A soldier here, must speak military discipline'of tone.
This world ignores where, all avoid to can not help ways of the world.Talk military discipline, also want to see what time, if turning point, important affair, the knee green mountain certainly can'ts request, cans let the green tiger of knee arrive his/her owns inside in the troops and is just an insignificant small matter.
Can the other party, simply take chicken hair to be to make arrows.
The white Qi is this kind of speak, the general hair head boy probably will be suddenly and leisurely lived, can the knee green mountain after all has two a life time experiences.
"Green mountain brothers."That farmland list connects make expression of eyes.
The knee green mountain also has no to beg this again white Qi, and this single farmland went away.
White Qi all all, looking at the figure that the knee green mountain leaves, heart bottom sneer:"Hum, a below the hills poor boy thinks to have two hand severe marksmanship, think that oneself is getting more fantastic?What things!"Person who is the highest toward intelligence generally has two kinds of reactions.
1 kind is to admire, respect and admire, appreciate, envying is the second.
This white the Qi all talk impressive-looking generally, can actually but is a narrow mind person, knee green mountain yesterday exert situation, white Qi heart bottom some disaffection.
"This is a black A soldier, not a gang!Think greatly of most in the black A soldier of but loyal, there is no loyal, you are real strenght again strong, don't also want to be all generally, be get generally!"The white Qi sneers at, 100 man long can be contended for by real strenght, can all govern and get generally be return a dollar Zong Ren to send.
"You also the lifetime is 100 men grow of life, during a lifetime the life in my subordinate."White Qi at the moment in the mind happy of very, pleasingly again start practicing since the marksmanship.
Knee green mountain, farmland list 2 people shoulder to shoulder walk.
"Unexpectedly drive farmland list elder brother your speech in."The knee green mountain is helpless a smile to say.
The farmland list consolation way:"Green mountain brothers, you don't also care too much, that white Qis all all, talk impressive-looking, can this person inside and basically despise us.Can can't ……the somebody else is to return a dollar core religion's pupil, return a dollar religion to trust him, however return a dollar religion, don't keep 100 men from growing, all all, get generally of the challenge have a competition, you completely can challenge him and beat his export to annoy also good, as long as don't human life become."100 men are long, all all, get generally, is all top-grade Wu Zhe.
Return a dollar religion and can not help each other challenge.
"Beat him up?"Knee green mountain's just a little considering , on smiling, dided not say more what.
Beat person export spirit?

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