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"Cousin."The Teng green mountain is helpless to say, " you arrive the affair of inside in the brigade of my 100 people, that white Qis all all, don't promise."
"."The Teng green tiger is one Zheng, visited white Qis that the distance is doing a gun all unify an eye, depressed an orotund way, " are that white Qis all all?Don't so not do one the honor?I hear that seven brotherses celebrating that ram, have three, be celebrated by the ram to adjust his own 100 people inside in the brigade."
The Teng green mountain is generally also understand, a white Qi to all make difficulties for himself/herself.
Be understand, again how?
Is officer's word twos, not just free to the other party to say?
"Calculate, don't say this, green mountain, I must tell you an exultation matter."Teng the green tiger Be satisfied to say.
"?"The Teng green mountain is a bit surprised, what affair can be called an exultation matter?
"Green mountain, we come to this to return dollar the time for believing in isn't to once say, this returns a dollar Zong Hei Jia's soldiers all have inside the strength Mi book can with self-discipline of?Hey Hey ……you have and discover till now, this black A soldier at self-discipline what Mi book?"Teng the green tiger is falsely past to make Xuan way.
Teng green mountain eyes are bright to get up a while.
Inside strength Mi book?
No matter it is previous incarnation or present life, the Teng green mountains have never seen inside strength Mi book, one of his Mi book is just light achievement the Mi book 《the limits of the earth goes 》 , light achievement Mi book, just use to consume inside strength of, can not use to inside the self-discipline vigorously, real of inside strength Mi book, exactly is what kind, the Teng green mountain doesn't know!
"Green tiger, do you know?"The Teng green mountain feels oneself increasing heart beats.
"H'm!I still know this Mi book where.Mi book in"Teng green tiger satisfied way, " nameds 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 !"
"The Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue?"These five words, make Teng green mountain the blood all seethed.
Oneself finally could experience a book inside the strength Mi!
"Where?"The Teng green mountain urgently asks a way.
"See, over there, that stone tablet!"Teng the north of green tiger Yao field in the direction school, the Teng green mountain connects a direction that follow green tiger's to see go, sees the distance mold faintness paste and indeed as expected has a high big black stone tablet.
"Walk!"The Teng green mountain starts to grasp the transmigration of soul gun of one side, immediately toward there running.
He waited this the book is inside the strength Mi, already etc. too long!
Gao Da Dun's stone tablet body is a black, often the breeze in year blows insolation and makes stone tablet last dusty, but stone tablet up engrave the next record of writing but very clear, the topmost side in the stone tablet is exactly five big word-Mang cows to devote major efforts Jue!
Teng green mountain and Teng green tiger 2 people watch before stone tablet.
Not only the list Teng green mountain is 2 people, there are also many soon other Wu Zhes who join a black A soldier, also watch stone tablet here, even take paper pens to all start recording at someone.
"The Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue!"
Teng green mountain eyes become bright and read the contents on the stone tablet.
"《 The Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 , return the 12th generation religion lord of a dollar religion for me'seal kind' create, is a the strongest the book of origin Mi that I return the power in a dollar person class religion Mi book."
Teng green mountain once hears as well, the Mi book mainly was divided into sky class, ground class and person class and out of the run these four etc.s, however to many people, the sky class, ground class and person class has no how much distinct, because of ……sky class, ground class compare person class, some self-discipline methods for being after becoming inborn more.
Can have again how many persons to can attain inborn?
So, a good person class Mi book, to great majority, completely all right already.

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