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With ease untie!
"Light rain sees."Teng green mountain from took the gold color of a softness vest among them.
"What is this ?"Green rain stares heavy eyes.
Flank Teng the green tiger connect introduction way:"Green rain, this is the green mountain he that is in several thousand Ma Ze and hold tight rebel chief horse to get the baby whom the Duo comes.Call gold silk vest!Wear, generally superior the day after tomorrow all stab not to break this gold silk vest!And, lightly and what a coincidence, Be different from us heavy AN on black A soldier body."
"Ah!"Green rain is happy of answered, ", very soft!Is very cool, touch very comfortable!And don't calculate heavy."
BE don't calculate heavy, approach 1 catty.
Heel some heavy A, inside A compare and wanted to be lightly too many.And some cold AN inside iron, the Xuan AN inside iron, wear on the body also very hard of, how and get this gold silk back A comfortable.
"Elder brother, don't you wear?"Green rain connects a way, " I know that Wu Zhe puts on heavily inside A, the real strenght is influenced."
"Elder brother need not."The Teng green mountain shakes head to say with smile.
With he now 210,000 catties of astonishing strength, be dressed in several catties of heavy A, calculate what?The Teng green mountain wears several catties of inside A, compare to, those can raise 2,000 catties to heavily wear several two heavy of green Shan.
"Cousin."The Teng green mountain also takes out that handle from it for thousand years cold iron strength bow, " when you are in the clan also practice bow and arrow, this handle thousand year cold iron strength bow, be good enough to bear tens of thousands catties of energies, enough you use.BE doing time of tired gun, can also do arrows!Many a skills there is advantage having no bad place."
Teng green tiger a connect through these thousand years cold iron strength bow, this etc. weapon, all of that are that the prices are extremely expensives, only that bow body is so many'thousand year cold iron', frighten a person.
"Cousin, this has 60,002 silvers, you take!"The Teng green mountain passes to pass by one silver ticket of folding, " was the person whom 100 men grow, hereafter seek a daughter-in-law, ask a person to drink to have a meal, also have already purchased weapon etc., all want silver, you take!"At the beginning that Teng green mountain paid to get ten several 100002 silvers from the bandit.
Certainly this silver, the green mountain of the Teng didn't care now.
"60,002."The Teng green tiger looking at a Teng green mountain, " green mountain, and yourself?"
"I have!"The Teng green mountain sees toward the younger sister, " light rain there are 50,002 silvers here!You put you that goes, hereafter want to use and then use!"Teng green mountain very clear, is returning inside a dollar religion, so many pupils are affirmative secretly will also climb a ratio, if is poor to have no silver, will also be secretly looked down upon.
The person is very realistic.
"H'm H'm."Green rain excitedly and very, these days of her heels green miss together, goes boating and goes shopping...etc., is all money that spends the other party, she is getting more ashamed.
"Elder brother, you need not?"Green rain sees toward the Teng green mountain.
"The elder brother has greatly greatly chase."Once the Teng green mountain knead a green rain small face and smile a way.
In fact from that'ghost fox'department Ma Qing that acquires an astonishing wealth, the Teng green mountain has never wanted to peep out as well.No matter are that 100 men are long, or return a dollar pupil religion, there is none of several 100002 silvers calculating space.So many silver ticket, the Teng green mountain just prepares to use.Hereafter can also for clan use.
As for oneself?
To the gold and silver, the Teng green mountain need is still very low.
"Like, you are two to all take a rest, tomorrow still want a morning exercise."The Teng green mountain says.
"BE, elder brother."Green rain is happy in response to the way.
Treat 2 people leave, Teng green mountain this just turned round to take out to in great quantities fly knife, later on from the window jumped an empress the courtyard.
Inside the empress courtyard.
The night breeze blows to kiss, the Teng green mountain flies more than ten handles first the knife put in one side and pick up some pebbles at the same time and deeply take a suck at spirit and in a twinkling get into gloomy status, with fling out a small pebble!

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